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Cosmetics fridge with LED mirror.

Fluctuations in room temperature are additional burdens for your products. In the BEAUTYCUBE your cosmetic products are protected from UV light, heating air, and humidity. Face masks, eye pads, moisturisers, serums, after-sun products, and essential oils, in particular, benefit from the cool temperature and are ideally stored in the BEAUTYCUBE. The cool storage in the BEAUTYCUBE does not only prolong the shelf life of your products but it also gives you a freshness boost when applying them.

You can also keep your eye pencil and eyeliner in the BEAUTYCUBE as their texture becomes harder which makes them easier to apply precisely. But the BEAUTYCUBE can do even more! The mirrored door with the dimmable LED light is perfect for your dressing table or bathroom. 

The benefits:

• Cools your cometics
• Hygienic cooling without food contact
• Reduces bacteria build-up
• Prolongs the shelf-life of your products
• The mirror with dimmable LED light is perfect for make-up, eyebrow plucking and selfies
• Great for storing medication 

The BEAUTYCUBE is the „must-have“ for your beauty salon!

• Mirror at the workplace for your clients (e.g., for preliminary sketches)
• Cooled pre-drawing pencils are firmer
• Pigments get a better texture which makes them easier to apply
• Sheet masks are cooled (e.g., post Needling)
• Ampoules have a longer shelf-life
• Cooling pads for treatments
• Cold compresses for clients to cool down during summer
• Warm compresses for dermocosmetic treatments
• Hygienic storage in the refrigerator without food contact
• No interruption of treatments for the way to the kitchen
• ICEBOMBS are cooled and ready for use in cosmetic treatments

Susann’s Tip: Keep your ICEBOMBS in the BEAUTYCUBE. They are then ready to refresh your skin at any time


Capacity: 6 litres
Material: ABS, PP
Colour: white
Inner size: 15 x 15 x 24 cm
Outer size: 25 x 17 x 23 cm
Package size: 35 x 24 x 32 cm
Net weight (KG): 2.2 kg

Cooling: up to -2°C (approx. 25°C below room temperature) Heat: up to 60°C
Voltage: AC220V -240V (Socket) / DC12V (Vehicle)
Hertz: 50Hz/60Hz
Rated Power: 30 - 55 W
Noise level: 45 dB
LED mirror: 3 brightness levels
Test report: CE, EMC, RoH

Unplug the refrigerator when it is not in use. Leave at least 5 cm between the refrigerator and the wall.

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